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International team brings
blessings to the county

With its multi-national prayer and healing team, many barriers were crossed at the Healing Crusade held in Georgiana last weekend, said evangelist Carolyn Griffin.

"We had a Mexican evangelist, an evangelist originally from India, from Africa, and even Elvis himself," Griffin said. Blu Braden and his Labour for the Lord Ministries, sponsor of the event, along with Gino and Darlene Lopez of Love for the Nations Ministries, Tom Punnoose, and Bishop Olu Lawrence of Olu Lawrence Ministries USA, joined Griffin and  "a nice crowd"  in Hank Williams Park Saturday night.         

"We had a lot of people in attendance from Rutledge and Georgiana and many were blessed. My desire is to see us come together and reach out across those barriers," Griffin said.

"We want to thank the City of Georgiana for letting us use the Hank Williams Park for the awesome Healing Crusade. People were healed in the name of Jesus, lives were touched and will never be the same," said Braden.

"We were called by God to take the truth of God's word and His love to every person . . . I came from Beat 12 on Highway 106 and never dreamed God would take me all over the world," said Darlene Lopez. "It's not where you live or where you come from, but who lives in you."

Punnoose, an American citizen who was born in India, shared a healing passage from Luke and spoke about the America for Christ Expedition 2006 he and his wife undertook.

"We covered 36 border states, drove 10,775 miles and were back in Houston on the 40th day. We started out with a full tank of gas, $100, no debit or credit cards, and no appointments . . . we prayed for the country and came back with $153 left after meeting all our needs," Punnoose said.

  Members of the community gathered with ministers and pastors on the courthouse steps at noon Thursday to pray for God’s guidance and to honor and remember those who died in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

9-11 prayer service held on courthouse steps

Published Saturday, September 13, 2008

On the anniversary of a day when unimaginable tragedy struck America, dozens of local citizens and ministers gathered at the Butler County Courthouse to remember and to pray.

“Cry Out for America” was held at noon on Thursday, September 11 in conjunction with similar prayer times in courthouses across the nation.

“May we never forget what happened on September 11, 2001,” said Butler County Revenue Commissioner Belle Peavy, who welcomed all those congregated on the courthouse steps.

Griffin explained there was no formal program for the event..

“Today we simply recognize we need to repent and turn back to prayer...we need a healing in our land,” Griffin said.

Lindstrom asked for guidance for the President and all in authority, “for wisdom and strength to do Your will.”

“We remember those who died on September 11 and those who mourned them...touch their hearts,” he added.

Phillips also prayed for the families left behind by 9-11, and gave thanks “for the hope and assurance given by God’s son, Jesus Christ.”

Cummings expressed thanks for God’s people coming together to pray and “for God’s love flowing through the community,” while Robinson sought “ a restoration...more unity in our cities, communities, state and nation.”

McGriff closed the event with a personalized form of the Lord’s Prayer, after which the assembly softly sang along to “God Bless the U.S.A.”

Greenville prays for 'New beginnings'

'to cross racial, political and socioeconomic lines, unite as one body for the community's spiritual wellbeing'

By Angie Long
Greenville Advocate

A wellspring of prayer for the community, the country and the world spilled over during a heartfelt service held at noon on the eighth day of the eighth month of 2008.

At Greenville City Hall, civic leaders, ministers and evangelists gathered with citizens for an hour of song, prayer and praise. Evangelist Carolyn Griffin said the number eight in the Bible is a very special number, associated with resurrection and regeneration, and the beginning of a new era and entrance into a covenant with God.

"A day of new beginnings is what we are declaring, flowing from Greenville across Alabama and the United States – that's what we are looking for," Griffin said.

Crossing racial, political and socioeconomic lines to unite as one body for the community's spiritual wellbeing was a theme emphasized by the various prayer leaders, who included Pastor Cecilia Adams, Chad McGriff, Minister Lil Pouncey, Anthony Barganier, Faye Cummings, Margie Kennedy, Pastor Jim Helms, Mayor Dexter McLendon and Griffin.

Adams led the prayer for families, saying, "What better place to start today than with families – for the family who prays together, stays together. On the outside, all may appear well, but we have you with us when we go home, and know, see and hear all. Let peace to abide in our families - and let the devil leave our loved ones alone."

McGriff provided prayer for the schools and youth.

"We walked the halls of our high school last night. Many teachers were there working late, and they were happy to have us pray for them and their classrooms. We need to pray not just for the students in school, but those who have dropped out and given up," McGriff said.

"We are seeing all kinds of renovation and construction taking place in our schools. May there be a spiritual renovation in our schools, too."

Hale called for churches "to be put back in the center of God's will."

"Lets" not "play" church – we've got to be the real thing," Hale said.

Pouncey lifted up the military asking "to keep them safe with God's angels around them. Bring them home and bring a quick end to this war."

Barganier sought health for businesses and the economy.

"We know You rule and super-rule over everything. We know You can bless people through whatever is going on. Help them adjust their businesses to keep people employed," Barganier said.

Cummings led in prayer for government officials, saying, "Help us put ethical people, with a heart for You in government – praying, God-fearing people." Kennedy asked for divine guidance in the upcoming elections.

"Let the truth of each issue in this campaign come forth and may voters seek your wisdom to make the right decision," Kennedy said.

Griffin asked for "divisions between us to fall as we pray not just for revival, but for revolution, now, today."

Helms asked for those present to join hands in a circle of prayer to close out the hour as he held in additional prayer for unity, revival and a fresh anointing.

An additional time of prayer was slated for 6 p.m. Friday at Call to Life Worship Center.

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