Kingdom Finances

Minister Thomas Jones and Terri Jones, founders of Track It! Slips, LLC s presents

The 90/10 Steward  
I Love Therefore I Give  
Financial Workshop

The 90/10 Steward I Love Therefore I Give Financial Workshop teaches Biblical and Practical strategies that will enlighten and empower  believers to walk in tithing 10%, implement financial disciplines with the remaining 90% and trust God as He supernaturally uses us to fund the kingdom for the end time harvest of souls and enforce His rule over all creation.

5 CD Teaching Series
The 5 CD Teaching consist of the following teachings from the radio broadcast on Kingdom Financial Strategies & Principles That Will Help Believers Fulfill Their Kingdom Assignment.  Topics:

I Love Therefore I Give - John 3:16
Jesus Was On a Mission, Are You? - Luke 4:18-19
Contentment Plus Diligence Equals an Increased Cash Flow - Hebrews 13:5
I Owe You, Not Them - Romans 13:8
Here's How To Obtain Wealth - Exodus 31:1-5

CD's on these teachings can be shipped right to your door for the price of $25.00 which includes shipping.

Track It! Slips n CD Series n Workbook

In the 90/10 Steward I Love Therefore I Give Workbook, you will find step by step instructions and worksheets to implement financial strategies and kingdom principles needed to be effective in the kingdom of God as a 90/10 steward. This workbook can be mailed to you for $20 which includes shipping. Topics are:

My Story The 90/10 Steward History
Mission Statement
Monthly Cash Flow Statement
Creditor Debt Elimination
Obtain Wealth
Holiday Happiness
My New Financial Attitude
What To Do Now

Track It! Slips n CD Series n Workbook

Track It! Slips
Use Track It! Slips to track your daily spending once you determine the amount of money you have left to spend from your monthly cashflow statement worksheet - The front side of the Track It! Slips is designed so that you can log your spending as you swipe your debit credit card. The back side of the Track It! Slips is a financial "to do" list where you can log your bills that are due and paid - "swipe it, write it, know it". 

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Track It! Slips n CD Series n Workbook

Kneeling Prayer Pillows, Children Prayer Pillows,
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Custom made kneeling prayer pillows, etc. for prayer warriors to use during prayer time.  Whether you prefer to pray for 60 seconds or 60 minutes, these pillows will meet your need.

Earn Wealth Online

I will teach you how to earn wealth online even if you have "zero" dollars to investment; the best and least expensive tools to use online to promote your product and brand yourself; and more via live webinars.

The Mission:

Terri Jones, CEO & founder of Track It!, Slips, LLC teamed up with Evangelist Carolyn Griffin of Warrior Ministries, 1380 AM, K.B.B.N. Christian Radio Broadcast to share kingdom financial principles as we fulfill our kingdom assignment according to Matthew 25:34-40. Tune into the live broadcast at 11 am EST, every third Saturday, monthly.

About the Author:

Terri Jones, wife of Minister Thomas Jones, has been a teacher in the kingdom of God for more than 30 years. Mr. & Mrs. Jones have been given the assignment of equipping believers with practical and biblical principles necessary to become end time financiers for the kingdom of God.


Contact Info:


Terri Jones

P.O. Box 440484

Jacksonville, FL 32222