Kingdom Living Summit blazes unity trail
by Dan Therrien

Kingdom living is not about denominations, it's not about race or culture, it's about being led by the Holy Spirit as one people to lead the type of life God would have us to live.

At the Kingdom Living Summit held at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, April 26-28, Christian leaders of different races and denominations came together as one providing conferences on various topics from finance to marriage in an effort to help our families overcome some very real problems being faced on a daily basis. When you think about it, God created only the human race and people created denominations, Jesus didn't. Fact is, everyone is different and at different stages of growth in their Christian walk and different denominations focus more on certain doctrines than others thus providing options for us to worship where we feel best suited. This summit also provided pastors an opportunity to hear experiences and solutions of other pastors which they could take back with them and share with others as they minister. Everything we learn is based on our experiences or the experiences of others so the more we learn the more we grown in wisdom.

One pastor pointed out that everything isn't always as it seems. He said when Moses saw a rock, God saw a fountain, and when Peter saw raging waters, Jesus saw a sidewalk. The bible teaches that through faith all things are possible and we have the opportunity to be blessed in every area of our life if we only let go and let God.

Below are some photos taken at the summit. If you were unable to attend this time, you missed out on a real move of the Holy Spirit where some powerful information was shared. You owe it to yourself, your family, and community to be the very best you can be so you are highly encouraged to attend future summits and conferences. You'll be glad you did.