We began a 31 day prayer initiative for our schools on August 12, 2020. We will continue our collaborative prayers through September 11, 2020. Warrior Ministries is working with other prayer groups, pastors, leaders, prayer warriors and intercessors around the country. We began as a prayer ministry over 25 years ago. We have evolved into other areas of ministry, but prayer has always been the main focus and foundation of the ministry.  God is calling us back to that place with an urgent mandate.  

There are many areas that require fervent effectual prayers. I am so grateful that so many of us have renewed our altars and are seeking the face of God like never before. II Chronicles 7:14 gives us a powerful road map to seeing God heal our land. We can’t continue to take detours along the way. We must follow God’s specific directions. We proclaim that we are God’s people. Therefore we must humble ourselves and pray. When we seek His face, we will see ourselves and our ways that are not pleasing to Him. We will then turn from those wicked ways. He will forgive our sins as we forgive others. Then, we will see healing in our land.

Among many other things, we are seeking those who will join us in prayers for our schools. We must lay aside whatever differences we might have and unite for the good of our educational system. All of our schools are in need of our prayers. Whether they are public, private, church, or home schools, we are covering them in prayer.  Our educational system touches every other system in the world. Decisions that are being made today will have a lifetime effect on all of us.

We cannot afford to be selfish in our prayers. We cannot allow any isms or schisms to hinder our prayers from being answered. We can’t just pray for our own, we must pray for all. We begin by asking God to create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us. We ask Him to use us as willing vessels to pray for His will in our educational system. We have to earnestly pray for those in authority that are making the decisions. We might not agree with the person or their decisions, but according to God’s word, we yet have a responsibility to pray. We are praying for our President, the Secretary of Education, our State and Local Superintendents, and our School Boards.

We are praying for every school administrator, our teachers, our bus drivers, cafeteria workers, counselors, janitors, coaches, support staff, and everyone else who is touching the lives of our children. We are praying for parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends, pastors and youth leaders, counselors and law enforcement, health care workers, and this entire village that must be there as a united body of believers.

We are praying for those that are fearful and anxious about the days ahead. We are asking God to grant peace in the midst of these troubling and difficult times. We ask God to lead and guide parents to make the best decisions for their children and families. We pray for those teachers that have been called into the kingdom as educators and are struggling with fulfilling their purpose. We pray that faith will stand over fear as we all seek God for His wisdom, guidance and direction.

We lift up all of our children. We start at our day cares and our Pre-K programs. We intercede for our colleges and universities and every type of school in between. We are praying that God would cover the minds of all of our children. We ask that He will grant them peace and great mental clarity. We pray for an amazing school year in spite of the challenges that we are facing. We pray according to Proverbs 3:5-6.  We will not lean on our own understanding, but we will trust in the Lord with all of our hearts. We will continue to submit our school system to Him, and He will make our paths straight.

We are praying at noon daily on Face book and using other Social Media platforms. Please contact me if you would like to share a prayer. Please post prayers and words of encouragement at anytime. Encourage and continue to pray for our students, parents, teachers, administrators, support personnel, and school boards. “The Stage is Set for Something Great to Happen.” ~ Bishop Wiley Thornton. Let Us Pray!  Kingdom Blessings!! #PrayingForOurSchools