Youth center in Georgiana needs aid

Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden, Jail Administrator Capt. Al McKee, Butler County Commissioner Jesse McWilliams and Evangelist Carolyn Griffin chat with the children at the Georgiana Children’s Depot Youth Center Thursday. The center is looking for businesses and individuals willing to support the center through donations of money, materials and time. Click Here for details.

Series of youth centers goal of group

Carolyn Griffin has a vision for the young people of Greenville and Butler County.

Griffin, an evangelist with Warrior Ministries, wants to see a series of youth centers established throughout the Butler County area. “We are in the very early stages of planning this, but our vision is to reach out to the kids in the communities when and where they need these centers,” Griffin said.

Tentative plans are to create two youth centers in Greenville, one in Georgiana, one in McKenzie and a possible fifth center in Lowndes County. Possible locations are currently being scouted for the centers.

“We want these centers to be located where the teens hang out, so it is convenient for them to come and be involved in something positive and constructive,” Griffin said.

The youth center's planning group is also looking into grants and other funding possibilities for the centers. In the meantime, Griffin is working to get the word out to city, county and school officials about the centers proposal.

“I have already spoken to Mayor McLendon (of Greenville) and still need to speak with the mayors of Georgiana and McKenzie about what we want to do,” Griffin said.

The evangelist and community volunteer said one of the chief goals was to target “the kids who are in and out of the alternative school.”

A mentoring program will be utilized at the centers to help the youth who often fall through the cracks. “Judge Mack Russell has discussed having attendance at one of the youth centers as a part of juvenile sentencing,” Griffin said.

She emphasizes the group is not looking for a financial handout, but rather seeking the support of the community at large.“We realize there are a lot of monetary needs in this area. We need a new jail, we need several new schools,” Griffin said.

“What we are looking and asking for is strong community support across the board, from our schools, our city and county officials, churches and the public in general.”


To learn more, go to or contact Carolyn Griffin at (334) 383-9732.