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Evangelist Carolyn Griffin

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The Greenville Advocate

Empowering the community through faith, service

By Amy Lewis,

May 2024

     Evangelist Carolyn Griffin has been named the Greenville Advocate Hero of the Week for her outstanding commitment to serving the community through Warrior Ministries. Originally from Greenville, Griffin left for Atlanta in 1983 but returned in 2000 with a mission to educate, enlighten and empower the body of Christ.   

     Warrior Ministries, led by Griffin, is a Christian support outreach that focuses on unity within the body of Christ. Rather than holding traditional Sunday services, the ministry engages in conferences, workshops and prayer initiatives throughout the year.

     “My main mission right now is unity in the body of Christ,” Griffin said. “ I want to cross race, religious and economic divides because as Christians we all believe in the same God and can work together to help build God’s Kingdom.”

     One recent highlight for Griffin was her participation as a speaker at the National Day of Prayer held at City Hall. Additionally, she organized a prayer breakfast and led the 21 Days of Prayer initiatives in both January and April, with plans for two more in July and September. The ministry also held a service at Sherling Lake, further demonstrating their commitment to community engagement.

     Looking ahead, Griffin’s ministry plans to launch a new initiative in June called “Prayer in the Hood,” where participants will bring the message of the Gospel directly to neighborhoods, emphasizing the importance of spreading the message of salvation through Jesus.

     “We’ll just go to the neighborhoods, to any neighborhood, it doesn’t matter which one and share the good news,” Griffin said.

     In her free time, Griffin brings her ministry to nursing homes in both Greenville and Georgiana, engaging in worship, activities, and songs. She also participates in programs like Bright Beginnings, where she reads to local children.

     “Serving is what we’ve been missing in ministry. We are called to be servants, not to be served,” Griffin emphasized . “I don’t do things for the accolades or for money. I don’t get a salary, but God pays me, and he pays well.”

     Recognizing Griffin’s impact, members of the Butler County Extension office say that they consider Griffin to be a “community influencer”.

     “She is someone who inspires and guides others’ actions,” said Extension Coordinator Sharlean Briggs. “She is trusted by many and deeply resonates with the entire community. She spearheads and backs causes that benefit the community.”

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